Hi, my name is Greg and I live in Cincinnati OH. One of my favorite things to do is to try out something new, something spontaneous and hopefully fun. In fact, I literally just created this blog on a whim; I was researching startup companies and ran across cucumbertown.com. Next thing you know, here I am blogging for the first time! To be honest, I have always been kinda nervous about blogging. It's funny because i'm not usually someone to get that way. It is uncomfortable when you think about it though, putting your opinions out there for people to judge and tear apart. However, I think sometimes you have to put yourself out there sometimes, step out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is also the theme of this blog. Growing up with parents from a different country, I have always been accustomed to what other people might consider weird. I have always had a kind of daredevil attitude towards food, I like to tell my friends that whenever I go to a new restaurant, I try to order the weirdest item on the menu. I get a kick out of someone who is surprised at what I am eating. But the real reason I do it is for the excitement of the unknown. I know so many people who don't eat outside what they were raised on and it KILLS me because I know they would like it if they tried. There is so much good food out there! Don't limit yourself to what you have always known. One of the best feelings I get is when I get someone to try something they have never had before and they absolutely enjoy it. Makes me feel like I was able to impart a little bit of happiness in their lives.

So if this blog can make at least one person step out of their comfort zone, I will consider that a success. Here in Cincinnati, there is actually a lot of uncommon/weird/exotic food that I have tried and haven't yet. And let me clarify, when I say weird I don't necessarily mean shocking or what some people would say disgusting; rather something that you can't get your local grocery chain everyday. With places like Jungle Jim's International Market, CAM Asian Market, and a plethora of foreign restaurants - there should be a lot of content to write about. Even the stuff I have already tried - I plan on re-visiting just for this blog. I'm also not limiting my theme of "stepping out of your comfort zone" to just trying weird foods but rather food related events as well (you will see what I mean down below as my next blog post will be a food related event).

Off the top of my head, some of the stuff you can look forward to reading about: La Mexicana in Newport (Cow Brain and Cow Tongue Tacos), Dai Trang in West Chester (Dinuguan aka Pigs Blood over Rice), Sabor Peruano in Fairfield (Cow Hearts), Island Frydays in Clifton (Oxtail - I also make my own amazing oxtail soup) and much much more!

NEXT UP: Ironically, after giving you that whole spiel about how I am going to eat weird food, my next post will be on one of my first food loves: spaghetti. Your probably thinking "but I thought he was stepping out of his comfort zone?!" well here is the kicker: I will be competing in my first ever food challenge! It will literally be Greg Vs Food. In Milford OH there is a restaurant called Padrino. $30 for 2lbs of spaghetti + 1lb of meatballs + 1lb of marinara & garlic rolls. Eat it in 45 minutes and its free! I have always been chicken to try a challenge but I think I was born for this. Tune in next time!